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Website Design Gold Coast

Responsive Design
Design suited to display on all devices with a mobile first approach 100%
Mobile First
We design your site to perform its best on mobile devices then adjust for other screen sizes later 100%
Search Engine Optimizatiion
We Register your domain with Google Search Console to Rank in Google 100%

Website Design Responsive Range

Mobile First Approach

Break Tag Digital are a Website Design Gold Coast company with a Mobile first approach so that your website performs to an outstanding level on mobile devices first, then adjust for the desktop at the end of the build.

This allows for the mobile site to contain everything you wish to have and display the information in a way that is easy to see on smaller devices such as Tablets and Mobile Phones.

Additionally we make speed improvements to all of our websites so that they do not get their rankings destroyed come march with the next big google update.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design utilises the following features to ensure that your mobile site is tweaked above all else as most users in 2020 are visiting websites on their mobile phones.

We are able to create custom sizes for mobile, tablet, Laptop and desktop view to make your text appear smaller on small screens to fit all your content in at an acceptable and user friendly size for all screen sizes.

This takes quite a lot of time and effort to do and we pride ourselves in the most care while doing this.

We Optomize your images making them as small in size as possible so as not to negatively impact your page load speeds using an image optimiser prior to upload, then SMUSH after upload, and give you a good mobile speed ranking by applying the latest improvements for load times on all devices.

We are able to achieve certain sections of content with video backgrounds, or just videos from YouTube that display on desktop and are hidden on mobile view so as not to effect speed.

Smaller devices can not render things like Video and Facebook Feeds like a tablet, laptop, or desktop can and these things should be avoided on these devices.

Responsive pages
Optimized Images

SEO Gold Coast

Search Engine Optimisation

Looking to find the best SEO Gold Coast company for Website Services? Break Tag Digital is the company for you!.

Break Tag Digital will help you slaughter Google rankings by registering you with Google Search Console, Setting you up on Google My Business and any other directory listing sites, google analytics to track users and fine-tune your site to your audience and what they use, and Premium VPS Hosting for those lightning speeds to help Get your business in front of the right customers & Drive qualified traffic to your site.

Weโ€™re the SEO Company many Gold Coast businesses turn to for Website Design, VPS Hosting, WordPress Management, or to improve their existing online presence and rankings on Google.

Break Tag Digital was born and raised on the Gold Coast and knows what is needed to help local businesses annihilate their competition with our local knowledge and understanding of keyword research and rankings. Break Tag Digital is the SEO specialist on the Gold Coast who will work with you to deliver knowledge on rankings which will help you understand them and what you and Break Tag Digital can do to help your rankings grow.

To find out more, use the button below, or to get in touch straight away, give us a call on 0431 005 751 or use the contact form below to send us an enquiry and get a quote.

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