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WordPress Website Management Benefits with Break Tag Digital

Site Relocation / Migration
Over 5 Years Training, and experience in the industry transferring WordPress to our Server 100%
Low fees
we have Low fees and monthly reports on what we actually do for your money 100%
Google integrations and setups + integration to Bing
Google My Business, Bing My Business, Google Search Console, & Google Analytics 100%

WordPress Website Management and Care For Busy Site Owners And Online Professionals

Break Tag Digital provides WordPress Website  Management & Care services for all sites from personal blogs to professional eCommerce stores.

Our services include small changes, quick fixes, performance optimisation, SSL integration, site moves, good advice, professional VPS Hosting, and multiple different levels of professional WordPress Website Management, and Website Design packages to suit your business needs.

Break Tag Digital provide WordPress Management which includes all updates, off-site backups, regular malware scans, security hardening, uptime monitoring, and integrated online reporting so you can see how we manage your site and keep it secure.

Below you will find further information on the WordPress Website Management features and benefits included in all plans!, the price only varies based on the size of your website

Please call us now or send us a message to discuss your website management, needs or order today!

Website Relocation to our server

Break Tag Digitals’ WordPress Website Management service involves the integration of your site into our centralised management system.  We add several plugins to your site to improve your security, performance, versions of software, perform upgrades, backup your site to the cloud, and teach you how to use your website to make small updates, should you wish to save some money if you need to do quite a few small things, like change text on 100 pages, I can provide this service, or teach you how to do one page so you can repeat the process, it is completely up to you!

Break Tag Digital is your on-demand WordPress expert in case you ever need further assistance!  Trust us with your WordPress site modifications to ensure they are secure and of a high standard and that they function with your existing setup.

Benefits Include:

All WordPress Website Management plans which are transferred to the Break Tag Digital server for hosting are operated and housed using top of the line VPS Cloud Hosting which boasts the fastest speeds available on the internet allowing your load times to be miles ahead of the competition.

Break Tag Digital has implemented top of the line website and server security and backups to keep your website safe from attackers.

We will scan your website on a weekly basis as part of every plan to ensure that no pages are infected.

Break Tag Digital provide WordPress Core Updates when they are available to ensure continued functionality of your platform,
Plugin Updates (both automatic, and manual if required),
Theme Updates to your WordPress Theme (if your theme no longer becomes supported, you will need to change, we can assist with this), and
Test Compatibility and restore from backup if required

Should the worst happen, say your account/password is compromised and you have not opted to set up two factor authentication, we are able to provide
Hack Repair with a previous backup of your site.
If changes have been made since the backup and the attack, these may be lost but your website should be fine.
Furthermore, we suggest adding 2FactorAuthentication to all of your user accounts with administrator privileges on your site, and have the latest suggested security plugins installed to stop brute force and other attacks.
Break Tag Digital are also able to offer help with 
Plugin / Theme Setup for new themes and plugins you wish to use on your website while creating a backup to ensure that should there be any functionality clashes between plugins this can be easily reversed.
Break Tag Digital will help with your 
Ecommerce Setup to ensure your shipping and payment methods all function as intended and your products and integrations function.

Break Tag Digital can assist with building a second site for another location or partner business for a fraction of the cost while using a similar design to the first site.

Break Tag Digital Provide top of the line, fast WordPress Website Management service with a smile.
Furthermore, we can help you with basic edits to your website should you need them or show you how to adjust pages yourself using your software, or Elementor if we have built the pages.
Finally, Break Tag Digital can help with most of your business needs such as:
  • Content Updates
  • Comment Moderation
  • Advanced SEO
  • SSL IntegrationPage
  • Speed Improvement
& Anything else You may Need!
Websites Hosted
Plugin & Application installs
Websites Evaluated Updated

Third Party WordPress Website Management

At Break Tag Digital we are willing to manage your site for you without transferring your site to our hosting, although these fees are charged on an hourly rate and some features may not be able to be provided due to conditions such as size of host and speed, version of PHP, and various other factors which may effect any implementations I wish to perform.

The prices for this website management will start at $60 an hour and go up to $110 an hour based on the complexity of the task and work involved.
If more than 3 hours of research is required, this will be charged at $60 an hour after approval from yourself.

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